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Wearing Kimono, traditional Japanese clothing (left), is one of the unique experiences that you can do in Japan. When you happen to visit firework festivals in summer, you will see a lot of Japanese people wearing casual Kimono, which is YUKATA 浴衣 (right) usually made of cotton. 



These are must-have items for men’s Yukata. Yukata clothes & a Obi Sash, top & bottom garments (Suteteko), cotton belt (Koshihimo) and wooden clogs (Geta). When you go to shopping malls before summer starts, you see a variety of Yukata clothing displayed, mostly for ladies’ one.  Price starts from around 10,000 yen for a full-set. If you look for branded items, those can be purchased at department stores.

How To Tie an OBI Sash for Men’s Yukata.


  • Putting on both top & bottom undergarments followed by a Yukata clothing. Then you tie it up with cotton belt. Please make sure its left side must be wrapped over its right side. If you do it the other way, that is for the dead.
  1.  2.
  • Fold the edge of sash in half (about 30 cm long) first. Hold it over your belly bottom and start wrapping around.
  3.  4.  5.
  • After wrapping around, you fold it in and leave it as long as the edge you left first.
  6.  7.  8.
  • You place it over and wrap it behind. Pull it tight!
  9.10. 11.
  • You fold the top edge over like photo 9. and pull the other through the loop. Then pull it tight again!
  • Make it look good, line the edge up. And rotate the knot to the back.
15. 16.
  • Just make sure you place sash over your hip bone. If you have a beer belly, that helps you look good. I am lucky. LOL
17. 18.
  • I put my folding fan in the sleeve. 

I can’t wait to explore Japan with Yukata on.  Would you like to purchase one for your gift? No chances to wear? Hmmm, how about Halloween? Anyway, have fun YUKATA!!  :)

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2 responses to “How to tie an Obi sash for men’s Yukata, casual Kimono for summer”

  1. Joop at 2011/08/07 00:28 says:
    You look so cute! I’ve been looking for a Yukata (or few) like yours for ages, but I can’t find any white Yukata that look as minimal as yours.

    Mind if I ask where did you buy it? Is it possible to buy online?

    P.S. I’m 169 cm tall and I’m living in Bangkok, Thailand.

    Thanks for sharing!!

    • Taka at 2011/08/18 12:44 says:
      Hello, thank you very much for visiting this site. And I do apologize for the late reply. As for the Yukata choice, I bought it at the Japanese department store in Japan. I am afraid but I am not so sure how you can purchase Yukata from Bankok. If you are in Japan, there are a lot of places you can purchase in this summer period. Why don’t you ask at a Japanese department store to collect the infomation first? I hope you would get the nice one. :)

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