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Unfortunately, today was not a good day as it was snowing there. This place was one of the heaviest areas in Mt. Tateyama in Toyama prefecture. The hight of the snow walls reached 15m high today. But still I was amazed by its gigantic high wall  in front of me. And one question occurred to my mind.

Why does not the snow wall collapse??  

According to the information provided by them, the density of snow is about 500 kilograms per cubic meter and the snow nearest to the surface of the earth is hardened by the weight of tons, which makes us NO WORRY about their collapse. Besides which, the snow melt only from the surface.


The temperature was -2 degree, which was very cold up there.


There were many tourists. Last year the number of guests from overseas was more than a half of the total guests, mainly from Taiwan or Korea. But this year, most of them were Japanese due to the great eastern earthquake.


I was standing at 2390 m high from the sea level!!


Inside the MURODO terminal, there were so many tourists.  As the snow was getting stronger and stronger, there was an interesting service to give you the special FREE post card!!


I got a certificate!!


Right before I left here, the snow was so heavy. I was lucky as at least I could the the snow walls.

Honestly, today was not a perfect day. If you are very lucky, you can see the walls like this below, which is absolutely unbelievable…..


I hope I could see this blue sky next time!

The event of Yukino Otani, the great snow walls, is held during every May. For more details, you can see the website of Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route below!! 

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