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Jumping on the tram bound for EBA or MIYAJIMAGUCHI at Hiroshima station and getting off at the tram stop called ”GENBAKU DOME MAE”after the 15 mins ride (150 yen for single trip), I finally arrived at one of the two World Heritage Sites in Hiroshima. The A-Bomb Dome (MAP 1) is located along the Motoyasu river near the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.       


You can get access to the internet (Free Wi-Fi is available within the park precincts) and visit this website at Why don’t you watch the 23mins documentary video called ”The A-bomb what happened to Hiroshimaso that you have a better understanding about the nuclear bomb dropped in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.  

After crossing over the Motoyasu bridge 3mins walk from the A-bomb dome, there is a building called REST HOUSE ( MAP 8 ) functioned as tourist information center as well as souvenir shop. You can get the necessary information here as some staff can speak English.


Passing by the REST HOUSE, you will find the statue with a girl placed on top, lifting a crane towards the sky, which is the Children’s Peace Monument (MAP 3). Her name is Sadako who was exposed to radiation in the bombing of Hiroshima at her age of 2. Then the girl started to suffer from leukemia at her age of 11.

One day, she heard a story in the hospital that she can make her dreams come true if she folds 1000 cranes. Then she started to do so to wish for her recovery. But her wish didn’t come true. She passed away when she was 12. Over time, this story became well-known across not only in Japan but also in the world. Today, 10 millions of paper cranes are sent to Hiroshima every year and put out in the Peace Memorial park.  

Every year 6th August,  Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony is held in front of this cenotaph for a bomb victims (MAP 9) located in the center of the park when we Japanese confront our past on this day.

Seeing hundreds of people visit this place to appeace the souls of the bomb victims and pray for the eternal peace is a common sight the peace memorial park. It was 7am in the morning when I took a photo above.  


Just behind the cenotaph for the bomb victims, you will find Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum(MAP12), designed by Kenzo Tange (1912 – 2005), one of the most famous architects who laid the foundation of  modern architecture in Japan. This museum features a lot of photos and documents with regards to a-bomb calamity to convey the horror of that event. I was very sad after I left this museum (Admission fee: 50yen per person), but it was worth visiting to know what happened in Hiroshima & nuclear weapons. 

Strolling around the park during the night can also give you the different ambience from the daytime. 

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park including the a-bomb dome, Peace Memorial Museum became one of the most unforgettable places I ever visited in my life. So, please do visit this park when you come to Hiroshima. I hope you would have a great time in  this place.

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